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Wow. Really, random stranger? Since when is cussing a bad thing for women? I don’t do it at work, at the customers (like I’d like to) but seriously, if yiu knew absolutely anything about me at all, you’d know that is just the dumbest fuckin thing you could ever say to me. Not cuss? In my own planner/journal? Where I am my true self? That’s like telling me not to breathe. People and their opinions can fly straight up my asshole. Seriously. I don’t even… how do I answer her? I’m 38 years old and if my own mother doesn’t correct my cuss box mouth, this bitch sure isn’t.

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  1. cattyfantastic said: you answer her thusly: do not answer her at all. her comment is not worth your energy.
  2. rainydaykelli posted this
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